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kroa :: freeb0rn User freeb0rn
Shell xoblite

Pitkon Hey, Is, this is beautiful, but.... There are so many questions left unanswered... Who did the style? Who did the wall? Who is responsible for the chicken epidemic? Stuff like this? Love it, anyway... And it's so good to see u submit!
freeb0rn You can get the wallpaper here: link I don't know what it's called, sorry. :( The style is by me (duh), but unreleased because a) it's not done and b) i'm just too lazy to upload files (there must be 3-4 unreleased styles sitting on my hd--rotting). As for the chicken epidemic... *points to Bush* it's a fucking conspiracy to divert attention for Iraq! also, thanks :)
Pitkon Ah, now I am a wise man! Thanx, sage! :D Hope u r having a jolly good time over there in the colonies :D
David nice
elricfate I hate being called the colonies. :-P
Pitkon Sorry, elric. Just a joke between us Greekos... :D
freeb0rn It's not half bad when you have a gorgeous girl with you :)
Pitkon Hey, it wouldn't be bad ANYWHERE! Αλλά δεν ακούει Βανδή, ε; :D
freeb0rn oxi kale pas kala? :)

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