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Winmatrix :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
Just another screenshot.
I have released the winamp style script here: link
if it's not included on this screenshot for anyone who wants it. ;-D
Just unzip the file into your plugins folder under it's own directory and load the BBwinamp.dll as you would any other plugin. You may have to set up the mixer sliders to your sound card 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper Winmatrix 

Pitkon Perfect! Just perfect... :D
Nightbreed Thanks Pitkon.. So you did figure out how to use the script I see?
snkmchnb that is really nice man!
Pitkon Yes, breed, I did. I sent u notes and a new screenie, for chrisakes! Didn't u get any of it? Lol... U really need a new addy...
David (wow wow wow)^n
Arc Angel Cool stuff Night... Am I missing an update somewhere? How did you get icons in the menu?
Nightbreed Thanks all. Arc, the icons are done with a font called OBFont. Im sure if ya google it, it'll show up. I dont have permission to redistribute the fonts myself though.
Malnilion That is so pretty...I wish I could makes styles like that :P
clovemagic Great style. It is a very pretty desktop with great functionality.
ser VI Nice really
ser Vi the OBFont isn't a program, is?
Arc Angel You're cheating! ;) Looks cool...
Nightbreed OBfont is a font ser VI.. here link Thanks Arc, thanks Clove :D
sMs very nice... indeed.. CLAP CLAP... this is the first time i love a blackbox sidebar... wise using of the font... and thanx for the link =D
elricfate Hey, that's just nice there. :-)
Nightbreed Thanks sMs, no problem on the font link.. if I can track down my font editor I may create a font more blackbox-ish. Thanks elricfate
Pitkon E-mail resent to ur new addy. Hope u get it this time... :D And, btw, one font in the zip is not working - not ur fault, of course... :D
Nightbreed If you mean the OBfont file. The .PFM one is the only one needed if I remember right... The other font is meant for Adobe I think. I dont have ATM installed to test that though
cthu1hu What in the world is a PFM?
Nightbreed I dont know cthu1hu, I've only seen it a couple of times so far.. But it's something worth looking into though. Seems like that font extention is showing up in alot of themes... mainly windowblinds and things.. but the obfont is one that was created to mimic those accel keys on the mac menu's and it was made for objectbar awhile back..
Nightbreed here's a link that may explain it alittle better link
ser VI How I set the use of those character in the menu
Nightbreed Use windows charmap.exe program.. they wont show up correctly in notepad but they will in the menu.. so long as you have that font selected as your menu font
Pitkon Breed, u probably didn't get my last mail either... lol. I was asking about site/page/whatever for the credits... I don't dare give ur e-mail addy... No one will be able to communicate... :rofl:
Nightbreed Ah.. I I'll make it easy..lmao, Don't have a site yet.. Well, I do, just not one that has anything on it. I can do everyone elses site, but when it comes to mine, Im just plain lazy. Just use you're own discression is all.. it's no biggie
Pitkon OK, will just credit u as Nightbreed, then :)
cthu1hu Yo, Nightbreed, get yourself a gmail addy already lol.
Malnilion You know, I'm fairly certain this screenshot/style has broken the record for most posts. Can anyone confirm? :P
Pitkon Malnilion, I think u r right. Last record was by Jesterace (24 posts, if memory serves) :)
ser VI Thanks Nightbreed. I wil check this.
Nightbreed Yep.. Got it awhile ago cthu1hu... I wanted to test out the gmail drive under linux ;-). No prob Ser VI.. Just use copy and paste... Note: some fonts wont work.. BB doest do alot of extended fonts

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