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Test10 :: Pitkon User Pitkon
Almost there... Just a few more tweaks... 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper Corvette by dangeruss 

Malnilion Sheesh, how the hell are you making stuff so pretty? Do you have stuff that we don't? :)
punkboy Wow! That's awesome! Seriously, that is unbelieveable. Hey, if you need a beta tester or something, just let me know... :)
freeb0rn Your ability to seamlessly meld what blackbox does so well, color gradients, with cleverly picked and suited images shines through yet again. It is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate your BB desktop from that of an avid LS-enthusiasts. Also, otenet! Hahah! Ti kales anamnisis!
Pitkon Malnilion: Thanx so much! Nah, it's more or less what we all use; besides, my lips are sealed... (jk) punkboy: Thanx! No beta testing needed yet, take my word for this... freeb0rn: U humble me, my friend. I'm just trying. And Litestep WAS one of my biggest shell loves... Yes, otenet. Pios xerei? Isos kapoia mera na ti xrhsimopoiisis xana! :D
ser VI It's getting better really.
Pitkon Thanx, Ser!
iTiVO The steering wheel does not corner, nevertheless the tires do :D You can see how much work was put into this. Probably ma fav of your styles :)

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