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Rust :: Pitkon User Pitkon
The earlier topbar is ready, waiting for permission to use some grafix... This is a new one, pending permission too, based on the topbar concept. The next one will be radically different... 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Rust by Pitkon 

Arc Angel Wow! A lot of work setting that up ;)
Pitkon Indeed, tho the first topbar took me much longer. This time it was kinda easier. Thanx, Arc Angel! :)
Nightbreed Very cool Pitkon... All the colors blend very well too
David In my opinion U and Nightbreed are the best designer of the BB. Maybe you can do the tutorial with sreenshot which show step by step how you make your BB??
Pitkon Nightbreed: Thanx, man! David: A tutorial will be included in my Blackbox Bible, soon on a site near u :D Thanx so much!
clovemagic Looks amazing, Pitkon! You continue to inspire.
Pitkon Thanx so much, clove! Glad u like it :)
SpyderBlade Real nice! Can't believe how you keep churing them out. But I have a question.... how do you actually use the stuff, like to actually see anything or use the shortcuts, u'd have to minimize everything you have open. I guess you don't maximize your windows..... or you use the v-desks probably. Me. i cram everything into flat bars on the sides so i have max space while being able to see everything, but that doesn't look as nice as yours!
snkmchnb Pitkon: it never ceases to amaze me how much you find a way to implement every aspect of a wallpaper and then some. you do beautiful work.
lyrae Beautiful works! Well done, Pitkon
Malnilion More bars in more least that's the goal of one of our community's greatest style makers! :D I think your recent works including this one have been some of your best!
Two_toNe Holy crap that's BADASS!!!! My favorite so far of yours, keep em coming.
Pitkon Thanx all of u, guys and girls! spyderblade: I have a 22'' monitor, so it's rather easy :D snkmchnb: means so much, coming from an inventive guy like u! lyrae: I really like ur work, too! U were the one who hooked me on Gant icons some years back :) Malnilion: U honor me, I'm just trying. And I gotta thank other artists more talented than me for some of the grafix! Two_toNe: So glad u like it! :)

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