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Velvet Waves - Marine :: BigDaddy User BigDaddy
This is my work PC. I needed something that wasn't too wild so as to not draw too much attention from my boss! Very simple and smooth for calm days at work. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Velvet Waves - Marine by Paul Hale aka BigDaddy
Wallpaper Praire Wind 

Nightbreed This is cool Big.. Very linux like
snkmchnb this has a very nice feel/look to it, great work Big Daddy
BigDaddy Thanks guys. I have a ton of these things to release eventually. They are so easy to make! Definitely easier than making Litestep themes.
NC-17 Of course, they don't exactly compare to LiteStep themes, either ... ^_^
Arc Angel Agreed, I'm liking the looks as well...
tech10171968 I've never seen anyone here make a theme from a stock wallpaper, but you've done a great job. You have also touched upon a theme design philosophy of mine: I love minimalism because, when you've got a busy background clashing with all the icons, plugins and such, you end up with a "too-busy" desktop. That can be a real productivity-killer ;-)
Brian Hey Paul - I took my daughter to a party store today to get some Halloween stuff, and they had this outrageous purple pimp costume hanging up on the wall there - called "Big Daddy". Reminded me of you. The name that is. =P
BigDaddy lol, that's great Brian. tech, glad you like the minimal look. I find the older I get the more I just want simple things cuz I can't waste my time.
Brian That's funny. I don't have *any* problem wasting my time.

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