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Planet_Life :: clovemagic User clovemagic
Wallpaper available at link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Planet-Life by clovemagic
Wallpaper Life On Other Planets by Tomek Ferenc 

snkmchnb i'm really diggin your gradients there, clovemagic
tech10171968 Glad to see you posting again. Your screens are a real treat, as always.
Nightbreed This is nice Clove.. kinda has that feel of that old book you read before going to bed thing....
cthu1hu Awesome, and I like the tastey 3DC. Good stuff.
clovemagic Snack and tech: Thanks so much! NB: I guess it does have that bedtime story sort of feel. :D cthu1hu: I'm glad you like the 3dc!
Pitkon This is a real soothing way of using colors - and I really like the sidebar! :)
skwire Wow...extremely nice use of gradients and highlights. It feels almost alive. I agree with cthu1hu on the usable (!) 3dc, too. This one is going in my ~favs folder.
clovemagic Pitkon: I bow to the sidebar master! ;P Thanks. skwire: Wow! I am honored. Thank you. :)
auto Great work, I am using the 3dc with my style for the same wallpaper ;]
clovemagic Woohoo! I'm so glad someone can use something of mine! Thanks, auto! :-D

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