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Go_Ask_Alice :: clovemagic User clovemagic
Something slightly creepy for All Hallow's Eve.

Wallpaper, Alice by David Lanham, available at link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Go_Ask_Alice by clovemagic
Wallpaper Alice by David Lanham 

Pitkon Great matching colors - even when working with unusual hues. Good work, clove! :)
clovemagic Thank you, my inspirational friend.
Nightbreed Hey, this is cool... hadda girlfriend like that once.. knife and all... lets just say we are uh.. seperated now.. lmao... great work Clove :-P
clovemagic NB: Haven't you ever seen Fatal Attraction? lmao Thanks for the nice comment, and since it's Halloween, let's be careful out there, shall we? :-P
Pitkon Breed: Separated? Vertically or horizontally? :D
Pitkon Clove, sorry for spaming, but Nightbreed's mail is a dead link and I gotta let him know - maybe he will check this for ur answer... Breed, BBWinamp was submitted link Thanx! And thank u too, clove, for lending some space... :D
clovemagic It's my pleasure. :D
Nightbreed lol.. thanks Clove, you have a fun holloween too.. Think I'll dress as a vampire, go figure... I'd say horizontal, least I hope it was.. lmao.. I'll check my email also, I have an update on the way
Nightbreed And thanks for posting that Pitkon :)
Pitkon My pleasure, breed! People seem to dig it a lot... So glad I finally reached u... :D Those postmaster failures are flooding over my inbox... :rofl:
clovemagic And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming, already in progress . . . rofl
Pitkon Lmao, clove... Thanx again! :hug:
Pitkon And say hi to Grace Slick from me, if u ever meet her... :D One of my all-time faves... The title reminded me of her...
clovemagic I did steal the title from the song of the same name. It's also one of my all time faves, and fun to play on bass.
Pitkon Oh, u play bass? How interesting! I play drums and sing... Perhaps we should form a group? Named Blackbox, of course... :D
clovemagic Omg, good drummers are so hard to find! We should do it. It should be easy to find a guitar player -- they're everywhere! LOL
Pitkon So true! :D

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