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legacy :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
jpeg compression ruins the effect of the orange..
worth a try just to see what it really looks like.
colours picked outta my head.. hope someone likes this. 
Shell xoblite
Wallpaper bsetroot solid boring.. 

thewayofzen link try there to download.. i messed up the upload.
auto Nice style as always, I am in a slump so I think I will run this for awhile. Hey zen could you send me the older version of bblean that works with xoblite?
thewayofzen auto will do it gladly just tell me where to send it
auto You could just email it to me jason@coldcontagious
.com, thanks!
Pitkon Nice style! Auto, u must mean bbleanskin 1.12 Will gladly send it over if zen can't :)
freeb0rn i saw these colors uncompressed and they rox :D
auto Yeah I did mean leanskin, shouldn't make requests when the box of heineken is already empty.
clovemagic I don't know what it is, zen, but your styles just pop. This one is a great example. So simple, but the use of colors and depth is, well, simply artistic. Well done.
snkmchnb clovemagic: agreed. excelent stylist we have in our midst. auto: love that heineken!
thewayofzen thanks.. wonderful compliments from some skilled stylists!!

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