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MinimalBlue :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
wanted to try a new taskbar design and maintain a newer style. Keeping funtionality and still say a tad bit minimal and clean..  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Mac 
Wallpaper iMac 

Pitkon I love the new taskbar - and, btw, the style kicks ass! :D
Nightbreed Thanks Pitkon... Just playing around with transparancies and gradiant maps ;)
RL ey this is cool! is this still windows with jus those linux/gnome icons? anway, nice work! :)
RL oh, btw, i like the style so much id like to have them.. pls post link. tnx! :) and the wallpaper too. :)
Nightbreed Thanks RL. Yes, this is windows using standard gnome images. I got the wallpaper from aqua-soft and I'll post the style later
LarryFlint Hey Nightbreed. Nice style! Still waiting for the link... Greets

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