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Almost a year ago I tried linux. To my dismay, I found that the orignal linux BlackBox would not read bb4win styles. Part of this problem was the fact that bb4win is case senseless sand bb4nix is entirely overly case-sensitive. Lots of editing of styles ensured. Also: a dos (CR-LF) text file (which bb4windows files tend to be) also makes it choke.
Overcoming those problems revealed that the ArtWiz fonts wouldn't work in BlackBox for linux. Considering that the ArtWiz fonts originated with original linux, bb this is just ironic.
Giving up linux bb as broken, I explored the world of linux shells. Eventually I settled on fluxbox. It had it s own set of problems but it actually handled bb4win styles better than BlackBox did!
I gradually worked out a system of style making so that a style made by myself in fluxbox would plot as-is (with no edits aside from the path for the wallpaper) into bblean (and thus bb4win and xoblite) with no problems.
The other day, there was a new version of fluxbox. It broke some of the ArtWiz fonts. Now: in linux, if a font is displayable by the xfontsel program (that comes with x-windows) then the font is fine and the problem is in the program that does not display the font. So fluxbox is a problem.
Going through the docs revealed that the problem relates to font anti-aliasing. Being that the ArtWiz fonts are fixed-size bitmap (not scalable) fonts, anti-lasing is bad.
In prior versions of fluxbox, turning anti-aliasing off was the solution.
Well, in the new fluxbox, the command to turn off anti-aliasing is either removed or renamed/hidden. Searching through the documentation and the web page revealed nothing. So I hopped on the fluxbox channel. I was told that I don't need to do this. Actually, I do. The fonts don't render. What followed had the air of a bad Monty python skit: me saying "yes I do" and some stupid fetcher named "errrr" saying "no you don't".
Denial: not just a river in Egypt.
So fluxbox was effectively broken. The people on the fluxbox channel are 100% grade A died-in-the-wool sons of bitches.
So I tried BlackBox in linux again.
Wow: they fixed stuff. My fonts showed! The bsetroot stuff worked! The styles almost worked! BlackBox got better whilst fluxbox was getting worse! Wow. Since then, assisted by the BB documentation and some help from thewayofzen, I have been learning the new style syntax of bb.
The only downside is that 0.7 linux BlackBox does not read old-style styles that well. They developers of linux bb have blown off backwards compatibility. To their credit, they are honest about and also the new syntax is more sensible and most commands have an equivalent new command. The only permanent loss (ie - no new replacement command) seems to be the bevel2 command and the comment/credit lines.
So anyway, this style was created using *only* commands from the linux bb 0.7 syntax. No legacy commands at all. As you can see, I have not gone nuts with the new boreder options yet. Wall is from somewhere on deviantart: look in the style for more info.

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Wallpaper lava_strana_by_nick_domi.jpg 

lyrae Really I'm surprised. I do not have a problem with artwiz fonts. Did you get the latest fonts?
blockhead somewhere along the way thers's been a screwup and the style is not available for download. At some point Ill find out how this gets fixed and I'll have it fixed.
Pitkon Who did the style?
blockhead err, I did. :) I think I'll either jsut post it as a second screen shot or post the text of the style here as a comment.

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