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:: xneon :: :: nProdigy User nProdigy
this style is based on fu's xneow 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style xneon 
Wallpaper remixed Sirena agitata 

Pitkon Looks good! What's ur screen size?
blockhead *nice* colors! question: those thumbnails on the far left edge: they look interesting: are they for walls? If so, linky?
cLess-R34 Blockhead - I think they might be 'minimized windows' man! I've seen such minimization on Linux, but how did you get that on windows? Anyhow, I'm with block - want to know what it is, because it's spiffy!
nProdigy Yeah the thumbnails on the left are minimized windows done with ObjectDock's taskbar option. My screensize is 1920x1200 widescreen. I really wish i could use something lower but it's the only resolution my laptop runs perfectly.
nProdigy And ew, my screenshot looks all degraded now that i look at it :P
Pitkon Those minimized windows could be style setters using a bbinterface script... Just a thought...
cLess-R34 I don't find it degraded, wicked desktop, very huge also, I must say. 1024x768 here on a 15" LCD, big difference.
clovemagic I assume you added the clipped banner graphics to the background on either side of the taskbar? That's an excellent detail. Very nice work.
nProdigy Yeah the flags on the taskbar are part of the background. Thanks for the comments.

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