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the_slip - with style :: blockhead User blockhead
A style using only the new linux bb 0.7 syntax. This was uploaded previously as link but the style was lost somehow.
Shell Nix Box
Wallpaper ava_strana_by_nick_domi.jpg 

thewayofzen missed again.
blockhead # the_slip by blockhead aka pcc # General Boy says "Give the past the slip. It's time for new traditions." # written for linux bb 0.7 using the "new" (as of 2005) syntax *only* # seems to be that adding the word "border" at the end of # an "appearance" tag turns the border on. This was really # pissing me off at first but once I "Got" it I realized # the power & flexibility: now every item independently can # be set to have a border or not, and a separate color, # and a separate thickness. Nice. # general/global: it's possible to set almost all attributes in # just a few lines. Wildcards are handy. *appearance: raised gradient crossdiagonal *color2: rgb:3c/26/12 *color1: rgb:79/4c/24 *foregroundColor: rgb:ac/83/4e *textColor: rgb:ac/83/4e *font: snap *alignment: left *marginWidth: 2 *borderColor: rgb:00/00/00 *borderWidth: 1 *pressed.appearance: sunken gradient crossdiagonal # specifics - anything that deviates from the stuff we've already # set via the wildcards # toolbar # possible bug 1: MarginWidth settings do not fix right-justified text being # clobbered. So I've set the text to be LEFT justified. toolbar.label.Margin
Width: 2 toolbar.clock.Margin
Width: 2 # menu menu.frame.appearanc
e: raised gradient crossdiagonal border menu.title.appearanc
e: raised gradient crossdiagonal border # possible bug 2: menu.frame.marginWid
th does not gap between arrows and text # on right justified text menu.frame.marginWid
th: 1 menu.frame.disabledC
olor: rgb:8f/64/36 # note: menu bullets are not listed anywhere in the documentation for the # new syntax. The old syntax does not work. It may be that this has been # dropped with 0.7. I need to find out about this somehow # window window.handle.unfocu
s.appearance: raised gradient crossdiagonal border window.handle.focus.
appearance: raised gradient crossdiagonal border window.handleHeight: 5 window.grip.unfocus.
appearance: raised gradient crossdiagonal border # slit slit.appearance: raised gradient crossdiagonal border slit.marginWidth: 1 # active/highlighted colors & stuff toolbar.windowLabel.
appearance: raised gradient vertical toolbar.windowLabel.
color2: rgb:ea/c1/7f toolbar.windowLabel.
color1: rgb:c8/99/61 toolbar.windowLabel.
textColor: rgb:00/00/00 toolbar.windowLabel.
marginWidth: 3
ce: raised gradient vertical rgb:ea/c1/7f rgb:c8/99/61
r: rgb:00/00/00
ndColor: rgb:00/00/00 window.label.focus.a
ppearance: raised gradient vertical window.label.focus.c
olor2: rgb:ea/c1/7f window.label.focus.c
olor1: rgb:c8/99/61 window.label.focus.t
extColor: rgb:00/00/00 window.grip.focus.ap
pearance: raised gradient vertical border
lor2: rgb:ea/c1/7f
lor1: rgb:c8/99/61 # you'll need to change the path in the bsetbg line: # the wall is from somewhere on It may or may not # be by Nick Domi, based on its file name. If this is so, then the # picture might be at link rootCommand: bsetbg -full ~/backgrounds/lava_s
pg # actual end of this file
unkamunka link

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