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grooverange :: freeb0rn User freeb0rn
Xoblite (bb4win) theme is called grooverange based off a theme i don't remember by cthu1u (which is why his name is still in the author section). 
Shell xoblite
Wallpaper Factor by saltysyrup 

Pitkon Think I beat u to approving this, Is! Lol... Weird. Well, i love the style AND the wall :D
thewayofzen nice shot.. two questions. whats that thing in the upper left that looks like screeshots?? and where is the wall from?
thewayofzen duh. saltysyrup.deviantar thanks free! hehe
freeb0rn i left it unapproved on purpose. the little thing up top is called minimize--it makes thumbnails of minimized applications. you can find it here: link
Nightbreed Cool style. I really dig the red coloring in this

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