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Xi-Abook :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
here is a style based on the XI-Abook series wallpapers. The wallpapers came from aqua-soft.
Thought I'd go for a flat style since they are on the popularity rise.. :-p 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Xi-Abook 
Wallpaper Xi-Abook 

lyrae Nice style!
NightBreed Thanks Lyrae. For those who will correct my spelling, I'll do it for ya! It's XI-ALBook, opps.. haha
sMs me like it..................
.... the way my gal moves her booty.. =P im kidding .. kinda like ur style... like ur font too.. is that the hybrid one u v modified??
Nightbreed lol, thanks sMs, yes, those are the modified fonts
clovemagic Love the style and those menus are rockin'. What did you use to get the drop shadow behind the shaded window at the top -- third party app or a secret weapon? :-P
Nightbreed Thanks Clove.. The program behind the shadows is one called styler. An explorer toolbar addon program. More info on it can be found here: link
Pitkon I like this look, Gary! :D
Nightbreed Thanks Pitkon lol, maybe I should have added a thumbs up font..
Pitkon U certainly should... :D

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