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SoftCandy Blue :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
Here is a set of styles based on the SoftCandy button theme from Styler toolbar. There are 8 styles. 4 dark and 4 light. The background is a standard image with some bsetroot manipulations.
The styles were done using the new style syntax. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper Grass 

David Great!!
Pitkon Looks pretty cool... But u haven't uploaded the actual styles, u know... :D
Arc Angel Wow, it could almost be a new BB version ;)
Nightbreed Sorry Pitkon.. I attempted to upload a pack of styles in rar format, Seems it didnt make it.. lol.. I'll upload the style pack to the forum under waysofzens post, here link Thanks all for the complement. I have other style packs coming soon ;-)
Nightbreed The styles are now posted.. hehe
clovemagic Very pretty. NB.
cthu1hu Tastey. You need to make a forum post for bbWinamp so we can get the latest version.
Pitkon BTW, are u using Blackbox fonts - YOUR fonts - for these?
Nightbreed thanks Clove, Cthu1hu. I will update bbWinamp today. Yes Pitkon, they are using the font I've done, I have an updated version of them included in the style pack.
eat job.
punkboy Great Work! Nice attention to detail and creativity.
doctorfrog Is the 'soft scanlines' effect a result of bsetroot manipulation? I'm sure it isn't, but I'd really like it if it were... bsetroot could use some updating of its own. (rendering a gradient smoothly would be a great start)
Nightbreed the whole background other then the original pic is a bsetroot manipulations.. here is the setting... bsetroot -gradient vertical interlaced -from #DCEEFF -to #4B76B2 -full \"backgrounds\Gree
nGrass_1600.jpg\" -hue 160 -sat 0 ,thanks Skwire and punkboy
Pitkon Gary, I hope u got my blackbox mod...
Nightbreed yes Pitkon.. just grabbed it, thanks... how do you enable the slider though? lol... I was hopping this would have been the cause of the font not working, but it works in this one too
Nightbreed for anyone who needs or wants to try out the toolbar Im using in explorer.. the link is here link Some styles can be found here: link and finally the link to the toolbar theme is located here: link
doctorfrog ah, i see, the 'soft scanlines' effect i mention is an artifact of resizing the jpeg in Nightbreed's forum post. the image shown above, not being resized, has the 'hard' scanlines that bsetroot generates. though i had a new setting to play with... :-(
Nightbreed I see what you mean now doctorfrog.. I had to look at the screenshot again.. I wish bsetroot could do it that way too... would be nice to have the ability to define the interlacing
Pitkon Not very Blackboxian, that styler... Besides, if I had to pay $ 17,00, I'd rather buy Windowblinds... And what do u mean how do u enable the slider? It's always there... :)
Nightbreed I wouldn't buy windowblinds :P lol Maybe it's time for a toolbar replacement plugin huh? Maybe I'll start adding matching YZ's toolbar themes until then

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