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In the Blue :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
Something a little bit lighter this time. The link to the wall paper is located on the screenshot ;).. This again is another theme based on the new style syntax. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style In the Blue by Gary Jones
Wallpaper In the Blue 

Pitkon Looks great... What is that player there? And what do u mean by new style styntax? The Fluxbox one?
Nightbreed Thanks... the player is another bbi script.. mainly made to sit at the top and hide itself but I thought it looked best on the desktop atm.. The new syntax, is the one mentioned here link ... As far as the slider question from my other screenie, as you can see, this is the menu from the bblean version you sent me, and the slider is not there...
Pitkon OK, let's exchange things... Will send over my blackbox.rc and pls send over ur extensions.rc. Curious to see why Blackbox font symbols won't appear on the menu... Perhaps I'm omitting something...
Nightbreed Gotcha
Pitkon Done... :D Thanx!
Pitkon Please check ur inbox again...
zoidbergslo looks nice
Pitkon How did u manage to make BBLean recognize the new syntax? I thought only xoblite and bluebox did that...
Nightbreed The new syntax was added to bblean as of 1.16 from what I read in lost in the box. Thanks Zoidbergslo
Pitkon Just e-mailed u the solution to the slider problem...
AlmostX Nice..Styles .
Nightbreed Thanks AlmostX
clovemagic Another pretty style, Gary. Crisp and clean. Pitkon: You have to add the new syntax elements to the style after you've finished with BBStyler which doesn't support it and therefore automatically deletes those references upon closing. Or you can handcode the whole style the old fashioned way, of course. :-P
Nightbreed Thanks Clove :) ... Once you've created a few styles with the new syntax just use them as templates for others.. But you'll see after creating some, that you can actually shorten your style file with a lot of shortcuts and wild cards
Pitkon Clove, Breed, thanx! However, even if I use a style as a template, I will have to keep working by hand: if I load the edited style on stylemaker, it will delete the edits upon closing. Seems to me I will have to do double work on each style from now on - that is, IF i decide to use the new syntax... And I would like to see what's new and what it does in a paragraph by someone... Too lazy to do it myself right now - tho I guess I will have to, sooner or later...
clovemagic Nightbreed: Do you use your custom font to get the separators on the menus? Pitkon: AFAIK, the "new syntax" merely gives the ability to add borders to individual style elements, including designating the color, width and margin width of each border. You can use it to add borders to the menu highlights or buttons, for example, and the color and size can be different from the global border. If anyone knows of any additional features, let us know.
Pitkon Thanx, clove, I studied the margin thingie... Wish I had time to compare the old and the new... Maybe tomorrow... :)
Pitkon Oh, and the separator can be set by any font supporting the Low Line symbol...
Nightbreed Yes Clove, the seperators is one that I custom made to be a thicker and more centered then the others I've seen.

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