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suffering machine :: circa1974 User circa1974
I've always been a fan of inauro and thewayofzen's styles. This might borrow a bit too much from their signatures but I'm quite pleased with the result. 
Shell Nix Box
Style suffering machine by circa1974
Wallpaper Twirld1-0.jpg 

punkboy Love the style. Not bad for a first post. Any chance for a link to the wall?
doctorfrog hey, everything from borrowing to outright stealing of ideas is how things get done. you can't patent a text file, not yet anyway. nice job!
Nightbreed Nice style. A style can be copywritten if one wished to foot the money for it. Anything authored can be.
Pitkon Beautiful! Would love to see the inactive window done somewhat differently, tho...
auto I am nearly certain every style author here made their first style by opening someone elses work and tweaking it. You will find your own style in time. Keep up the great work.
circa1974 thanks!

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