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Axedale Farms :: Pitkon User Pitkon
This is a mixed style –old and new syntax, the style itself being based on the excellent photography of Geoffrey O’Donnell. Basic work done with bbstylemaker, new syntax refinements by hand. The style file includes a 3dcc section. Desktop elements are part of my sidebar link Wharf icons are 3FX by danillooc link link with the artist's permission. I wish to thank Clovemagic for mentioning bbmagnify – I realized this plugin is much more helpful picking and pasting colors than my good ole trusty (but rusty) Colorpad… 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Axedale Farms by pitkon (,,
Wallpaper Axedale Farms I by Geoffrey O'Donnell 

clovemagic Another nice metallic-like style, Pitkon. And thanks for the shoutout -- I'm happy that the bbmagnify plugin is working for you. :-D
Pitkon Thank YOU, clove! Glad u like the style :D
Nightbreed I like this one too... The style works really good with the wallpaper.
Herbalist I use an app called Pixie link Nice Style btw
Pitkon Thanx, guys... Herb, thanx for the link...
Nightbreed I use pixie too. I saw a conversation on it, on one of thewaysofzen's posts. cool little app. btw Pitkon, I am working on more uniformed #s :-P
Pitkon Breed! YESSS! :D
clovemagic NB, you are the man, dude. ::LOL::
Pitkon Lol, clove... :D NB standing for New Brunswick, I presume... :rofl:
thewayofzen how did u guys know im from new brunswick?
Pitkon Vie haf our vays, tsen... :D
Pitkon Oh, forgot. To display the volume bar, insert this in ur menu.rc: [volume] (Volume) before and after a [nop]

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