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TON of Games :: Teri User Teri
This is a shot of my bblean with all my Games menus pinned to the screen. WinAmp and Gimp are also running. ;-) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Ember 
Wallpaper Dragon B&W 

Pitkon Nice style! Is it by u?
thewayofzen wheres the wallpaper ?? link ?? email it to me please.
freeb0rn style is an old style by nc-17 if i recall correctly
Teri the style is one i've had laying around for quite some time. iirc it came from bb4win a long time ago. I have a blackversion of the bg, and white. It seems ssh access has been turned of at my webspace, so anyone that wants the style or bg just send me an email.
Teri Ok, seems my pc suffered from the needs reboot disease. Wallpaper uplaoded to: link link style uplaoded to: link
Pitkon The style is by NC-17... Now I know why I liked it so much... :D
cthu1hu Is that a winamp skin? Where'd ya get it?
nc-17 Yes, I wrote this style over 3 years ago: link thanks ;)
Teri Yep, it's a winamp skin, got it @ iirc, if ya can't find it there, send me an email, i'll send it to ya
Teri Great theme btw nc-17, one of my fav's
Dragon12 Cool theme, Got a tattoo of dragon that is similar.

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