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Sound :: clovemagic User clovemagic
Lovingly "hand-tweaked" to include "new syntax" bordered elements.
3DCC included.
Menu glyphs courtesy of BlackboxBoxed font by Nightbreed.
Icons are Graphite by =J-a-v-i-e-r.
Wallpaper at link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Sound by clovemagic
Wallpaper "Bass" by madice 

Pitkon This is simply EXCELLENT! Love it, clove... I also like the fact that Agape is soft pinkish... like it should be... Are u using styler here?
clovemagic Thanks, my friend. The toolbar is Yz Toolbar with the Gallerian theme plus my trusty 3DCC. I tried Styler but it just didn't give me the control I can get with other individual apps. I'm too much of a tweaker. LOL
clovemagic I should also give Nightbreed credit as muse on this one. When I saw his SoftCandy Peach style, it reminded me of this old wallpaper, one of my faves. I found the wall again, but it wasn't a close match for Gary's style, so I did one of my own. Thank you, NB, for the inspiration. :-D
Pitkon Yeah, YZ toolbar is great... Trying to find a way to add it to each style file... Probably a batch file... Yeah, that's it. a rootCommand bat file to load the wall AND the relative yztoorbar.ini... If someone has a better idea pls let me know... That's until GTK hits windows' blackbox shores... :D BTW, clove, please check ur mail...
Nightbreed Very nice Clove.. I love the buttons :).. and you're welcome :-D... If I remember correctly Pitkon, rootCommand processes broams doesn't it? If yztoolbar has command line perams, you could just issue a @BBCore.exe with the command being yztoolbar /whatever if not you can use bbkontroller to do it. I can look into it tonight.
wickedlester Great style clovemagic! I agree with Nightbreed about the buttons :D
Nightbreed BTW Clove, you can actually edit the heck outta styler just as you can with Yz... I have several personal styles that I've done ;)
Pitkon Breed: Yeah, u could use bro@ms, but rootCommand accepts only one at at a time, tmk. That's why I proposed a batch file... Did u look into it?
Nightbreed You don't need a batch file.. You can always use either tcl4bb or use broamRelay and put all your broams in these. Have bbkontroller simply call: rootCommand bbkontroller.exe broam('@tcl-bb eval command') or rootCommand bbkontroller.exe broam('@broamRelay \"/path/file.txt\"
Pitkon I stand corrected. Indeed, this is a simpler way to do it... Thanx, Gary :)
clovemagic Thank you, Nightbreed and Wickedlester. I like the buttons, too. @NB and Pitkon: You guys are trying to lure me away from grading, aren't you? I'm dying to figure out your little puzzle but I have work to do!!! ;-P
Nightbreed Well Clove, we do have to do what we can to get you to come out and play :p
clovemagic Hmmmm .... how are you with a red pen? :-D
Nightbreed On or off the walls? .. lol.. I grade papers like my teachers did mine... They would look at me, shake their heads and start slashing away... I had more 'X's then a pirate treasure map... lmao

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