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blackice :: freeborn User freeborn
It's not done yet and i'm not sure if i want to release it due to the similarity to a pekwm theme. 
Shell xoblite
Style blackice 
Wallpaper hemiptera cicadidae @ pixelgirlpresents 

qwilk That's really nice Izzy! The superscript "2" in the "xob2" menu title is a nice touch too... Any chance I could have a copy? :)
Pitkon Ah, here's a guy who knows his hemiptera! :D Simple and sleek! Elpizo na pernas kala ekei sthn allodaph, kale mou Isidore! :D
frantic me likes.
freeb0rn what would you want of a copy of, the xob2? :) ONLY IF YOU REPLY TO MY IMs! HMPF! Thanks Pitkon and frantic, and yes, i had a swell time at my gf's place pete :)
Pitkon Glad to hear it, Is! Na pernas panta kala, file moy! :D
freeb0rn ok my question to qwilk is half missing... would you like a copy of the style or the menu thingy?
multifate freeb0rn does foomp work for the newest foobar betas?
freeb0rn i don't know--if they've changed some shit in the window properties then probably not.
tommie very nice!

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