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Coco :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
testing a weird gradient effect with bsetroot and an interlace setting. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Coco 
Wallpaper Custom 

M4uR1g10 Awesome!!!
doctorfrog what the heck? are you somehow locating the center of an elliptical gradient near the top of the screen? or is that just a vertical gradient and i'm seeing things?
doctorfrog wait a minute, i just noticed that the interlace is softly blurred, t'ain't no bsetroot bg!
Nightbreed Thanks M4uR1g10.. There is interlacing and bsetroot.. the whole background isnt just bsetroot though, bsetroot was used to match a background image to the style. The original background was a bluish color... the interlace from bsetroot just inhanced an already scanlined image
Pitkon I love the effect! :D
clovemagic One thing about your screenies, NB -- you always make us go back and look at them again and again. Great work!
Nightbreed Thanks Pitkon, Thanks Clove... Was wondering where you two were hidding :P

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