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Deskmate :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
This is a joke and only a joke, if this were an actual style, it would be followed by an "oh geeze, what the...." ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Deskmate.. lmao... Peace 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Deskmate by Gary Jones
Wallpaper Deskmate screenshot 

clovemagic Man! It can organize your life AND play hangman with you! I think I'm in love. lmao
Nightbreed lmao, how about making you bash your head against the desk cause it never worked all the way... lmao... I actually used this thing back in the day...
clovemagic Ah, the good ol' days. Life was so simple then . . . ::sniff::
Nightbreed More blasts from the past link
clovemagic OMG, that brings back memories. How many nights in the 80s did I spend playing text adventure games on my Kaypro2X. ::blink::
Nightbreed Now that would be fun to hear about... lol.. you have to get that instant messy up now :P...lmao
Pitkon Ah, the memories... the memories... Texas Instuments 16K days... Cassete player games... Typing something like 1500 lines of code...
Nightbreed yeah and an old tandy color computer with a hacked up cassette cable going to an old tape recorder. When all the programs were free if you had a dual tape deck on your boom box... hahaha
Nightbreed wait! What was that online kinda service super nintindo had a while back?
Pitkon Don't know about that, but there are thousands of MAME games around... :D
Nightbreed yeah, tell me about it... countless hours on that thing...
crowmag Wow, you got me waxing nostalgic, ahh the simple days of 16 colors :D Having the need for portability (and wanting a little "geek sheik"), I got one of these puppies in 1986: link . Most of my contemporary musicians at the time, however, frownd darkly on machines, but it was great for doing things like Eminence Front ...sun shines, and people forget... lmao - Feeling nostalgic as I am at the moment - and also from the "they don't build 'em like they used to dept: the actual harddrive from my very first PC, a whopping 120 mb Conner, still lives and has been the home of my Linux firewall/router for my home net for the past 7-8 years mostly running 24-7-365. It seems to be immortal ;P
Nightbreed oh geeze... I remember wanting one of those so I could feel like I was on startrek... lmao... Oh and btw, that super nintendo online thing was called x-band... I remember playing doom for hours on end and trying to hold a convo with those lil joysticks.. hahaha
Nightbreed to be honest.. I still have an old seagate 5 and quarter inch drive that's still alive and kicking.. That was back in the day when the seagate name actually ment you were getting a good harddrive
M4uR1g10 Great style!!! But i'm always waiting for you mac-bar script...:D
Nightbreed oh man, thanks for reminding me M4uR1g10, what screen res do you use?
Nightbreed Thanks for the compliment :D
M4uR1g10 Hi nightbreed! I use 1152x864 as resolution for my desktop

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