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Clarity :: bigdaddy User bigdaddy
I know this is not a *box style of screen, but I was talking on #bb4win and someone was asking about alphatransparent menu's and taskbars without the text being transparent. I tried explaining it, but it just dawned on me to make a screen. So this is an ultra simple and minimal Litestep theme to illustrate a point. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Clarity 

Pitkon As a matter of fact, this COULD be Blackbox. Thank goodness for bbinterface! :D
sryo the minimized thumbnails are done with miniMIZE?
BigDaddy syro - yeah that is miniMIZE. Could be a really nice app with afew more options. Pitkon - I don't think that bbinterface can handle per pixel alpha transparency. Can it?
Nightbreed I don't know BigDaddy, I could probably create a frame and fill every other pixel with a transparancy color and kind of give the effect... I'd been playing with all kinds of different ways of doing transparent tricks in bbi... bbi needs to merge bbicon's png support.. we maybe given more options then... In fact... let me try something, I'll get back to you.. lmao
Pitkon Breed has said it all... Now, all we need is a minimal Blackbox theme to illustrate a point... Hear that, Gary? :D
Nightbreed I was able to do it to some degree... but, eh, hard to discribe... I have to look into the vista style from an old wb4 style to see how that was done first...

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