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naidisbo :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
A friend of mine found this wallpaper while playing with litestep and he asked me nicely if i would consider doing a style for it. Its christmas and my family all lives out of town.. so i thought it would be nice to occupy myself for a little while doing this. His name is nick. Merry christmas nick and thanks for hooking me up with something to occupy my mind for a half hour. I hope you like it .

back to lurking.


p.s. excuse the dual monitorness. im alone for christmas this year and fixed my tvup as a secon dmonitor to stream movies all day. Merry christmas friends. 
Shell xoblite
Style naidisbo by thewayofzen
Wallpaper obsidian 

Nightbreed Very Zen, the menus look great
wickedlester Cool, a zen style for christmas. Looks great!
auto Stellar as always. ;]
snkmchnb nicely done :) i could've sworn i did a style for that wall as well..
thewayofzen ps the 3dcc in this style sucks. u probably should chop it out and use bbcolor. i was lazy and just used a 3dcc i made for antoher style.
clovemagic I like it very much. :-D
thewayofzen im never satisfied with the way the jpeg compression sucks the "glow" out of a screenshot.
beloved can you link the wall please thanks
thewayofzen link i hijacked the wall outta that zip file.
Pitkon Beautiful! Merry Xmas, zen! And, if I remember correctly, the Litestep theme was Across Gorgoroth... I think :)
thewayofzen an excellent style done by snkmchnb puts my efforts to shame. link
Pitkon No offence to snk, but I happen to like this style most, especially the buttons :)
snkmchnb Pitkon: agreed. the style that i used in that screenshot is actually the style for: link
Shinzann I love the wallpaper
NBI-Studio If you going to release our work please note who the original authors are... Thank you, NBI-Studio Team link
Tres`ni Looks like he didn't know who the original authors are. You should notice that the wallpaper itself is not available for download on this site though, only the blackbox style file is available for download.

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