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third coming :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
Screenshot for the release of xoblite bb3
The screenshot shows the single line fluxbox taskbar along with bbglue... a sticky windows plugin for xoblite. Also notice bbmultiamp in its latest incarnation complete with a seek bar and support for a couple of different media players such as foobar2000 winamp apollo and musikcube (though it needs a plugin to emulate winamp i think)  
Shell xoblite
Style third coming by thewayofzen
Wallpaper bsetroot 

thewayofzen for a list of changes and stuff see link if anyone wishes to have help with the new features ive been using them a while and will happily contribute via aim or msn thewayofzen506 or otherwise back to lurking.
snkmchnb i love this style
Pitkon Hmmm... No new style syntax, seems like... :)
frantic Love the style, but also love what qwilk has done with xoblite (; so...many....options
captain holy CRAP! it's a shame i don't have my computer with me, i would definately pick that style up along with xob bb3. great work to all involved in the entirety of the screenshot.
ZenLC How do you get the tray disconnected from the Systembar? bbTray plugin?
Pitkon ZenLC: Xoblite 3 allows for independent movement of the systembar. U can do this even under bblean, by using ctrl+left click. U can also move the taskbar this way... :)
thewayofzen the systemtray moved to the right of my screen is jsut bbiconbox.
diverter great style! and great great great xoblite bb3! been waiting for this for so long.. =p
MQ Wow! Very nice clean crispy style. Installing it now :) Thanks Zen

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