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Lost in Reflection :: Lord Erector User Lord Erector
Wallpaper can be found here .

My first real experiments with gradients and stuff, and I think it turned out decent. 3dc colour scheme included, but I'm not 100% on that. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Lost in Reflection by Lord Erector
Wallpaper "Lost in Reflection" by Stormchild 

Pitkon Another beautiful style for a beautiful wall... And the menus look great, too :) U r not 100 % on what? On the 3dcc color scheme being included or on the 3dcc color scheme working? :)
Lord Erector I'm not 100% sure in regards to whether it's actually that good. By the way, the wallpaper on the site is named "Scarlett Johansson". I got it from Pixelgirlpresents, where the name was "Lost in Reflection". Trivial stuff, but just wanted to clear up any confusion beforehand. Thanks for the comment, btw. Good to know that I'm not wierd for liking my own styles.. :)
clovemagic Don't just like your styles . . . LOVE them. All stylists love our own stlyles because we love to create them. This is very lovely.
thewayofzen this wall rocks. its been styled before and its always nice to see new interpretations. link and link
Lord Erector I KNEW I wasn't the first one to make a style for this wall, heh. The other screenies are kinda old, aren't they though?
thewayofzen they are indeed kind of aged by a lot of peoples standards im sure. you did a wonderful job on yours though. i noticed you only did a couple of screenshots so far under the name lord erector.. if you are new like i assume you are.. welcome to the community. with work starting out like yours has it will be nice to see the direction your artistic interpretations take. if u need any help let us know :)
Lord Erector Heh, thanks for the kind words. Yes, I am new to this whole styling thingy, although I have been making styles ever since I started to use bbLean (which, come to think of it, hasn't been that long).
Nightbreed The colors of the style have always been some of my fav. I've used similar colors in a past style and I find them to relaxing. Great work on keeping the mood of the wall paper with the style
Lord Erector Tnx for the kind words Nightbreeed. BTW, I've made a few changes to this style (a few tweaks/\"bug\"fixe
s, and a different .3dc scheme) but am not sure where to put it (or however it goes).

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