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glider :: wickedlester User wickedlester
made this style to go with glidingintoacolddawn by hermik 
Shell xoblite
Style glider by wickedlester
Wallpaper glidingintoacolddawn1.0.jpg 

lyrae Great style! I love the softness of it
T.Estrup I agree another "great style" using Hermik's outraging wallpapers. Only thing which is wrong with this style is that the fonts are so small on my screen that I barely can read them. Yuoar answer will probably be "edit them yuorself", but my problem is that the way yuo choose ty make this style is new for me and therefore I unfotunately don't know how to do it. Any help ?
wickedlester Thanks for the comments. T.Estrup, the style uses the bitmap font snap, which I don't think setting a font size matters. If you don't have the snap font then that may be why the font sizes are too small. Look for entries in the style like this toolbar.fontheight: 10 that is what defines the font size. entries like this toolbar.font: snap define what font is used. also look for wildcards like *font: snap *fontheight: 10 and I am sorry for the small font size.
snkmchnb well done, wickedlester.
T.Eastrup Towickedlester. Thanx for the advice.I tried to chance all the sizes of the fonts in yuor style, but unfortunetely it didn*t quite solve my problem. Any chance for a link to a place where I can get the "bitmap font snap" yuor mention above, preferably for free? Again thanx ind advance.
wickedlester The font is in artwiz font set. Here is a link to the windows version. bbfontpack_windows_2
T.Eastrup To wickedlester. Thanx very much again for the link.

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