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Pelican_Briefed :: clovemagic User clovemagic
Zip file includiing wallpaper, style file and permission can be downloaded at link

Thank you, stylotangerine! See more of his amazing work at link

3DCC included. Menu glyphs courtesy of BlackboxBoxed font by Nightbreed. Window buttons by wickedlester. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style pelican_briefed by clovemagic
Wallpaper Pelican Brief by stylotangerine 

Pitkon Wow! Simply beautiful! :D
clovemagic Thank you, dear Pitkon. :-D
Nightbreed Very, very nice work Clove!
crowmag Nice style clovemagic, like the bordering. I guess you have to use 100% 0.7.0 syntax to get those borders on the window labels, I can't seem to get window.label.borderC
olor: to work with the mixed syntax I've been using.
Nightbreed Crowmag.. for labels to work on windows you have to define it as: window.label.focus.b
orderColor: and window.label.unfocus
Pitkon Gary is right :)
clovemagic Thanks, nightbreed, and thanks crowmag. Now that you have the correct syntax for window label borders, I can't wait to see what you come up with next, crowmag.
Pitkon And I simply love ur experimentation with the new syntax, Clove! Already faved on da... :)
clovemagic I just saw that, Pete. That was a thrill for me. Thanks.
Pitkon U r very welcome. I'd fav more if u submitted more, u deserve it :nod:
crowmag Aha! Looks like snkmchnb has a typo to fix in the 0.70 Syntax tutorial's style template example :)
wickedlester Ooo! Love those borders. This is nice.
lyrae Great style! clovemagic.
ashalin Hi! Just wondering how to get icons in popup menu?
skwire Soft, pretty, and easy on the eyes. Lovely, Clove.
clovemagic Thanks everyone! :-D

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