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Mediaplayer 11 :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
I based this style after the new media player 11. And a new theme for the upcoming BB-Itunes... :D Which currently has 11 themes .. hehe 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Media Player 11 
Wallpaper Don't know 

Pitkon I love those colors... And ur player is amazing... Great work, Gary... Again! :D
Nightbreed Thanks Pete :D
WinT Nice colors indeed, me loves blue :) What's going on with the taskbar? Are you using ObjectBar in combo with BB or something different?
Nightbreed Thanks WinT, the taskbar is a combination of tcl4bb and bbinterface
Nightbreed Actually, everything on the screen is bbi... the drop shadow under the taskbar is something I whipped up in DesktopX pro and turned into an exe app
WinT Ok, now you've got my attention. I've been overlooking bbinterface for quite some time, as well as tcl4bb. Seems as if you can do alot with these things, especially seeing as how you created what you did with it. I'm gonna head over to the forums and find some info on this, as I will be completely new to it. Thanks for the info Nightbreed, and any extra information would be appreciated :)
Nightbreed No problem WinT.. If you want.. this is what I'm trying to do now.. I know how you love modding this out so, take a look here link He also has a project over at autohotkey's forum located here link I want see if a tcl based one is possible
Nightbreed I have contacted Landvermesser once to get permission to mod his macbar fonts... I thought about contacting him again to find out if he ever concidered a tcl based project.
WinT Now see, this is my thing Nightbreed... why not take something basic, such as the BBLeanBar plugin, which is the bar I use... and add this sort of funcionality to it directly? I mean, it might not look exactly like the Finder Bar, but wouldn't it be so nice to just add this sort of thing to it? It would work just like the standard "quick launch" bar does in Windows. Everything could be integrated into the bar itself. That would just be too cool ya know? :) You'de have folders, right there on your bar, you'de click on the title(s), and bam, up pops a menu. I'd still like to have my run box integrated into BBLeanBar too, just like in explorer. It's those little things I miss about explorer, but that's it though, nothing worthy of switching back, which I will NEVER do! :) I also wish we could have / change the existing / bbleanbar separators, but would be nice to be able to have "grippers", which could use either bitmap images, or text characters :) I also would like to be able to change, or add to the existing menu bullet glyphs. I like the triangle arrow, circle, square, and diamond, but would like to have more. I'm sorry nightbreed for rambling here, but you seem pretty keen on manipulating bblean, so thought I'de run my wishlist by you :) Any thoughts?
Nightbreed Maybe a leanbar crossed with a bbi type of mind.. Where modules can be added to the bar itself... gives way to custom clocks user added controls and shortcuts, even built in warfs like xfce uses... but, bbleanbar can be mounted into a bbi frame and those controls can be built into it from there... Take a look at the tcl4bb thread, there's an interesting topic on how bbi is actually compressed using upx compression... Pete, if you read this, you may want to check that thread out too.... Honestly though, right now, I'd settle for a plugin that outputted user drag and drop broams that can communicate with tcl properly.... I think with bbi... a good project would be to seperate all the modules and work on them one at a time instead of putting them all into a single package the way it is... this leaves room for more options..... Personally, I like systembarEX when it comes to bars though... that one has more options and is more customizable, I do have a bottom bar bbi+SystembarEX script if you want to check that out
WinT Ok, so, how exactly do you do this nightbreed? Obviously, you download and use the BBI plugin, but what is the basic way of making a frame, and from there, how do you instruct bbleanbar to load inside of that frame?
Nightbreed When you initally load bbi it'll give you a default button control... ctrl+Right click that and you'll see Interface operations... on that popout you'll see Create new control... just choose frame... once a frame object is created...Ctrl+right click it and navigate to the control options and down to Plugins.. this is how plugins are loaded into bbi
WinT Thank's nightbreed, me is on the way to try this out :)
Nightbreed No Problemo WinT... btw, I sent an emal to Landvermesser . Hopefully He will drop by and some of this could spark his interest... I used his Autohotkey menu generator and it works great.. Something like that would be a great add on to menus in blackbox in general
WinT I agree indeed my friend :) Maybe this will go somewhere, I'm hoping anyway.
clovemagic NB, is BBNotepad a mod of BBmemo or somthing you cooked up independently? I looked at the forums but I got lost in the discussions of all your projects. ;D
Nightbreed That's bbnotepad built into a bbi script.... I gave it the ability to have a menu system and use bbGimme clipboard plugin. I also linked a broamRelay to it so I can type multiple broams and send them all at one time from the menu ;D I hadn't worked on it too much yet.. but now that you mentioned it, I think I'll do some today
clovemagic I'd love to see this script for bbnotepad. I assume the integration of bbgimme allows a menu item to save bbmemo text? That's what I'm looking for, anyway. :-D

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