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Midnight Blue :: Dragon12 User Dragon12
Wall from link The authors handle is "causticFX" or "sbgFX".
He's got tons of walls, check them out.

Style file is based loosely off of Sidewinders' "DESTRUCTION".

Hope all of you enjoy it as much as I do!

Shell xoblite
Style Midnight Blue by Dragon12
Wallpaper elliptical_1280_1024_blue.jpg 

Pitkon Nice style! And a great wall. By?
dragon12 Thanks! I got the wallpaper from link The authors handle is "causticFX" or "sbgFX". You can do a search by "authors" name if you want to download the wall.
Pitkon Lol... No wonder it looked familiar... I have authored more than 5 styles on his work, he is a great artist... His site is link
dragon12 Yea, I really like his work with depth, circles and greys. Very talented artist.

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