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Blackbox Pro :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Ice Dragon 
Wallpaper Ice Dragon 

Dragon12 Nice, I like the dragon. Not very busy so as not be distracting while working. Colors that are easy on the eyes.
Nightbreed Thanks Dragon.. I have a whole series of them, I may post them once I can track down where I got the wallpaper :D
sMs mmmm sexy... slick bbleanskin... tight... is that the new bbleanskin version ?
Nightbreed Thanks sMs, no, it's the old bblean one. Just using snap fonts and min/max buttons on the right and left
clovemagic Bravo, Mr. Nightbeed! :D :D
Nightbreed thanks Mrs. Clovemagic! :p lol
clovemagic Bravo, Mr. Nightbeed! :D :D
Nightbreed dejavu? lol
Pitkon VERY atmospheric, Gary... Love it... :D
Nightbreed Thanks Pete :)
Shawan Very nice, the style looks as if it's part of the wall
Nightbreed Thank you much Shawan. Im lookin forward to that chantilly cream too.. hope I spelled that right.. doah!
Shawan That's a pity that you have never tasted chantilly cream, that's so goood...if you come in France It would be a pleasure to let you try some :)
Nightbreed I'll see what my commanding officer can do.. lmao... I already have a Beret hehe

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