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canned~ :: crowmag User crowmag
This is "canned". Well, actually it's "canned~" as I have made a few slight moddifications.

If your looking for canned in the data base here at BoxShots... forget it, t'aint here. Search for it on other sites or through google... not found.

The reason being that "canned" came, as best I can recall, with a version of either BB4Win or an early release of XobLite. I was using BBLC on Win98 at the time so, I dug out the styles bc BB4Win/Xob wouldn't run on '98 back then.

Anyway, the original style is quite minimal a lot of "parentrelative" going on... In fact, it only has toolbar and menu descriptors. There is also no info about the creation date, comments or the name of the author. It would be nice to give the author the credit for their work and I wish I could.

Don't know why this style never made it here or why it has remained hidden and forgotten - it is one of my favorite styles :) I like it for it's simplicity.

The mods I made to the style:

* added window descriptors and a tad of 0.7.0 syntax to spread out the buttons

* changed "toolbar.clock:" to "parentrelative" - it was the same texture and colors of "menu.frame:"

* changed the BG to the bsetroot grad/image from the original "-solid black" (I think)

* the font, obviouly

* "borderWidth:" and "bevelWidth:" to fit my layout

* made everything "bevel2"

Just guessing, and judging from the author's use of style I'll take a gamble and say that the author was qwilk - although I really don't know for sure.

BTW, I'm not really a Leonard Cohen fan, I got the pic ages ago while using a simple "beatbox" for Linux and I thought the pic was cool 8). You can find it here if you like it: link
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style canned~ 
Wallpaper cohen-thud.jpg 

Pitkon Simply beautiful, crow...

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