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Monica :: jimmy User jimmy
She is so lovely... Expecially when she shows us her best part lol... Obviously I'm talking about her intelligence... 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper Monica 

NC-17 Ahh Ms. Belucci... how I love you.
jimmy Who doesn't? :D I forgot to say that the style is a modified version of jolie19 by Reverend
Pitkon Beautiful style! I have another shot where she is taking off the bottom half, so... :D
jimmy Thanks Pitkon! I started with bblean after having seen a desk of yours (blackwall sidebar? ) in deviantart, so this compliment is really appreciated ;)... PS Italian women are the best... I live in the right country eheheh
Nightbreed You mean there's a style on this picture? wait ok I see it ... lmao... Still.. no work would be done, but I like the style
jimmy eheheh you're right.... Who cares about the style when there is this goddess? Anyway you can find the wall HERE (search for "bellucci")
clovemagic You mean there's a girl in this picture? I'm digging your interface setup big time! ;-P
jimmy Thanks a lot clovemagic ;) I've seen your screens (great job man!) and I like very much your lateral bar... Anyway, if you want, I can send you my bbinterface.rc file , so, with just some modifications and few time, you can have an alternative bbi layout to load ;D PS (I perfectly know you don't need my help, it's just a proposal ;) )
Pitkon Grazie for the bene words, Jimmy :D Glad to be of help. BTW, clovemagic is a woman - and we all like her, Italian or not... :D
jimmy Oh my God... I'm sorry clovemagic, I had no idea you were a woman... Now I understand why Monica hasn't effect on you LoL... Prego Pitkon :)
Pitkon Tutti va bene, amico mio...
crowmag Jimmy, posting a style w/Monica Belucci and then proposing to clovemagic? ... SLOW DOWN MAN! heh, *lmao*
Pitkon Lmao, crow...
Nightbreed Hey, it's close to valentines day... he's just getting his word out... haha
Nightbreed Jimmy, just a little tip... a new mustang and a bow could work wonders.. lmao...
Nightbreed and yeah... maybe get clove something too
jimmy ehmm... But... wtf... What's happening here LoL ? Crowmag, don't worry, I'm slowing down eheh... Nightbreed, I don't need a mustang (in Italy mustangs don't exist), I already have a Toyota Celica which works perfectly for every kind of "meeting"... LoL Just a little precisation... My proposal has come when I tought clovemagic was a man... Does It means I'm gay? LoL Or, perhaps, that I'm trying to be kind? ;) Ok, see you tomorrow, now I have a "special meeting" with my girl ;)
Nightbreed Well, I think you totally missed the humor Jimmy... nevermind
jimmy No Nightbreed, at the contrary ;D , I really appreciate it... The problem is that sometimes I can't express my thought in the best way due to the fact I don't speak english very well... I'm not hungry nor touchy, you can joke with me without problems :D ... i.e. Watch how many smiles I put in the previous message (LoL, ;), etc...) I was joking too :D
Nightbreed lol
Nightbreed Guess if I come to italy with my mustang I'll stand out .. hehe... least it will be street legel there.. lmao.. maybe
jimmy eheh.. Of course if you came in Italy with your Mustang you couldn't pass unobserved...;) But probably you'd have some problem with parking spaces... Why don't you post an image of your baby (The mustang)... I really like cars. =) this is mine
Nightbreed nice... I'll take a photo of it today and post it.. lol.. maybe I'll make a style around it ;)
Pitkon Funniest thing is, after all that joking back and forth over her, clove didn't even notice... :D
clovemagic :: roflmao :: :pounding fists on floor:: ::tears streaming down cheeks:: I was out of town. Did y'all miss me? LOL
clovemagic Jimmy, I would love to play with your interface. Send it over, if you get the chance. Thank you! :-D
jimmy No problem, you are going to have a "clean version" of it in a couple of days (I'm leaving for Milan this afternoon, and I haven't much time to spend)... PS. What are you going to do friday evening?... (joke) eheheh
Pitkon Lmao, clove, jimmy... U finally met :rofl: Ah, Jimmy, Milano, e? Haven't been there since last year... Bella Italia, molto bella...
jimmy Eheheh finally Lmao... Yes, Italy is "bellissima"... At the moment I live in Milan for studying, but I'd prefer to live in Bari (where I'm now, and where I was born) because I've my family, my friends and my girl there... People of Milan generally are very busy, they work too much... Not like me, that spend part of my time making styles eheheh...
Pitkon Been to Bari, too... Do they still hold that song contest?
jimmy Wow Pitkon, you know Italy better than me lol... I don't know what are you talking about, but next time you come to Bari let me know ;)
monica im lovin it
jimmy Thanks a lot Monica =)... but... tell me... What are you going to do tomorrow evening?Ahahahah Don't worry, it's just a joke :D ...
cthu1hu I miss Nightbreed.

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