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Pignpup :: Shawan User Shawan
Since I know everybody here love pink and cute things I post this :)
(There are not enough pink styles on blackbox but I'm gonna solve the problem) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Pignpup 
Wallpaper Pignpup by headvoid 

Dragon12 Tha's just too cute. Where did you get the wall? Or did you make it yourself?
Dragon12 Doh! Nevermind, I see now where you got it.
jimmy Very nice! I really like the winamp controller... very well done ;)
Nightbreed This is cool.. for some reason I really dig the black buttons against the pink... kinda like pinky and leather thing going on :D
Sha1 Thanks dragon12 even if you already know, I got the wall on Deviantart. thx Jimmy glad you like my winamp bar I wanted to make something original. And thx Nightbreed (or nightgjdragon that's a little confused now..:D) that's true pink and leather go well together...I may launch a new fashion :)
Nightbreed might have to break out my bike and leather trench if ya do.. hehe ;D
Pitkon U nanaged to combine two difficult colors with ease... Tres bon, Shawan! Et le wallpaper est tres bon aussi... :D
Shawan Merci beaucoup Pitkon :) You speak french very well :) Actually I think pink is not the most difficult colour for me but I have a serious problem with'll see soon :D Nightbreed you can buy a new pink and black bike and trench now cause I'm going to speak with my friend J.P Gaultier soon...:D
Nightbreed lol.. I refuse to ride a pink and black bike.. haha... I don't even think I own anything with pink in it... but who's J.P? have I met em before? lol
Shawan lol no you haven't understood at all J.P is his first name :p I'll introduce him to you if you want :D
Nightbreed That'll be cool, so long as I dont have to buy anything pink...lmao
Shawan I'm not sure you'll be able to buy anything from him even pink clothes except if you're really wealthy :D
Nightbreed I'm not "really" wealthy but, I have a few bucks put away for a rainny day that needs an expensive leather trench for.... If it's too expensive I'll just do a few races and it's mine... hehehe :D
Shawan Yes you're right you just have to win against Michael Schumacher and the trench is all yours :D
Nightbreed hmmm... I think I'll take that challange... hehe... But I really have to see this trench now... lol... I don't even know what it looks like and I already want it :D
Shawan Hehe I would be a great saleswoman (the trench is black and pink of course, I'll try to find you a photo :D) The challenge against Schumacher won't be difficult, he is not that good anymore...
Nightbreed uh... What am I gonna do with a pink coat? hahaha.... I got it, I'll buy it, donate it to the salvation army and write off on my taxes... ok.. so who's good? I don't want an easy race... my car would kick me for that...
Shawan Once you have bought it it's no more on my business...:D and this year in Formula1 the World's champion was Fernando Alonso a spanish driver in a Renault car...and the second was Räikkönen on McLaren
Shawan Once you have bought it it's no more on my business...:D and this year in Formula1 the World's champion was Fernando Alonso a spanish driver in a Renault car...and the second was Räikkönen on McLaren
Nightbreed lmao... I'm not racing a freakin McLaren in my car.. sheesh.. I'll have to take his tires off first just to get a handy cap
shawan You're going to cheat?! Good you'll have a chance to win that way :D
Pitkon Merci pour le compliment, Francais etaient l'une des langues que j'ai choisies dans le lycιe, il y a un long temps… J'espere que je me en rappelle toujours... In short, I hope I still remember SOME... :D
Shawan woa tu t'en rappelles très bien même je suis impressionnée, contente de voir que certains grecs aiment le français :) I'm studying english and spanish at lycée but as you can see I have to improve my english a lot and my spanish is worse :D
Nightbreed I speak spanish a bit.. Only french I know has food at the end... French fries. .french toast... oh yeah, french kiss.. I know that one... hehehe
Nightbreed I wont cheat.. though I will stand outside my freshly waxed shinny race car and pose for abit... lol... And of course I have to have heavy, heavy metal playing when I'm racing ;D
Shawan See that you have a good knowledge of french culture : food and kiss, that's what I prefere too :] (chantilly cream above all, but ok I stop with that)
Pitkon Beaucoup de Grecs aiment le francais – notre peuples aiment la nourriture et… oui, l’ amour … lol And your English is excellent…
snkmchnb let's not forget freedom fries and freedom toast :P
Shawan Thx pitkon for 6 year I work hard to learn english, I'm glad to see that everybody can understand me :) And I think food and love are universal values afterall...
clovemagic Very nice style. "Cute" is often difficult to pull off, but you've done it (and it's nice to have some balance to the testosterone here once in awhile .... lol). Btw, we have something else in common, Shawan. I really only speak English (and a smattering of spanish), but I can say "whipped cream" in five languages. Yummy. ;-D
Pitkon U r very welcome, Shawan - and, yes, u r right about food and love... snk: We should add snails and frogs' legs - I love both, btw... :D
shawan What the heck with me, I'm french and doesn't like snails...and for frogs I tasted once but it wasn't well cooked and tasted like dissected frogs in biologie lessons beurk. Thank you very much Clovemagic, happy to see that I'm not the only one fond of whipped cream, hum could you tell me how we say it in the five languages (survival matter :D)
crowmag Not really my cup-o-tea, but I must say the style is very masterfully done IMO. Those are difficult colors for most ppl to work with.
Shawan Thank you very much crowmag :)
anneandy02 this is so cool

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