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cr8 :: clovemagic User clovemagic
Been playing around with this one. All .70 syntax. 3dcc included in the style file. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style cr8 by clovemagic
Wallpaper cube_3_by_strasza 

Nightbreed Very nice Clove, Has that calm classic feel to it... BTW, have you tried making tabs with bbi and transparancy options ;D
crowmag Wow, most excellent clovemagic, you really out done your self on this one! Plus, it's in green =D
blackbird Hi Clovemagic, Realy nice wallpaper. did you have an url for this?
Shawan Still a very nice style, I love the colour and the wall :) All this made without Stylemaker I'm impressed...
Pitkon Beautiful, clove! Just beautiful!
clovemagic Thanks everyone! Nightbreed: I haven't had much chance to play around with it yet, but I'll give it a shot soon. blackbird: I tried to find the URL for the wall, but I was not successful. I think it was on DA, but a search there proved fruitless. I'll post it if I can find it.
Sha1 I think the wall can be found here -> link
Sha1 Sorry it didn't work (I'm hopeless) second test -> link
Sha1 lol I've never seen more useless person in computers than me, the wall can be found on link next time I'll let do profossionals... (sorry for all the useless comments)
Nightbreed You're not useless, atleast you found it. I gave up after 2 no shows on google.... lol... guess my patients aren't what they use to be... hehe
Nightbreed in fact, I kept coming up with rubix cubes.. :D
shawan Lol NB (Nightbreed is too long) actually the third time was not supposed to work but now I've eventually understood how to make a link on boxshot :D
clovemagic Thanks for the link, Shawan (and NB for trying ;D). I don't know what the problem was when I searched. Maybe NB's patients are giving me trouble too. :-D
Pitkon Doctor Breed, please restrain ur patients... :D
Nightbreed lmao... my kind of restraint would get me kicked out of the hospital... hehehe
clovemagic @Pitkon: LMAO
cthu1hu You put a lot into your styles. And the fact that you make them by hand is crazy I think ;) Really nice job all around. The non-standerd font is kind of a pain, but I'm not one to talk.
jimmy Great style, imho it perfectly matches with the wallpaper... The only thing I would have done in a different way is the menu.hilite color (is it solid? )... Anyway it's beautiful :)
clovemagic Thanks much, cth1hu. :D Thank you too, Jimmy. Yes, the menu highlight (or in .70 speak) is a solid color. It actually looks a shade darker on my screen. Looking at the screenie, I think I'd go even a bit darker now. Thanks for the constructive criticism. :-D
jimmy You're wellcome clovemagic ;-)

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