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old style :P
Shell BBLC\BBLean
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Nightbreed Im one of those rare ones who likes brown styles and this one adds to the list of ones I like. Nice work Oldskull
Dragon12 And I'm one of the common ones' that don't go for brown, but this looks good. The guy with the gas mask is cool! One of yours Oldskull?
dubox love it :) wallpaper link
Pitkon I LOVE brown and this is excellent...
shawan I don't like brown very much but I like this style, very nice :)
Lord E. Very nice, I like it. Wallpaper is rad. Also, haha Kluang. Been there once when I was pretty young.
oldskull good you guys enjoy it. wallpaper is not mine, thanks dubox for the link. @Lord E: yeah I am born in Kluang but now live in Holland. So I still got family overthere :)
Lord E. Really? Interesting..

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