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Inspired by the wallpaper, and Magnificent Owl's creations, I bring you Arrowed! (Name also inspired by a homestarrunner strong-bad sketch :) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style arrowed by nc-17 (

Pitkon Impressive, in a real Owl tradition... Two of my favs authors blended into one... And I still wonder what happened to the Owl...
Nightbreed I really love the colors in this.. Nice Job
nc-17 well, the colors weren't my idea, but at least I put em down into the style :) btw, you guys might want to redownload it, i tweaked some of the settings hehe.
crowmag Good to see another style from you nc-17, nice and easy on the eyes too. I'm diggin' that wiiiide display too! *drool* :)
Nightbreed ya see... I was trying to ignore the wide display so I don't get jelous :P... lol.. what kind of monitor are you using NC?
NC-17 hehe. It's a dell 2405fpw (24" widescreen lcd panel). Works for me, nice for gaming and watching media :) Thanks for the support regarding the style, I have a few other ideas I want to complete but I still have to find the right way to make em work nicely.
crowmag 24" WIDE!!! - Cheeeees! *envy*
Nightbreed now we all know why he posted a screenshot show off :P j/k
NC-17 i've posted shots of this before with my last couple screenies :) it's 24" diagonal though, not wide.
Shawan Beautiful style ! I'm not jealous neither I love my tiny screen :| :p
cthu1hu Nice style--using it now. I'm happy with my new "19. Been using and ancient, dark "15 crt for years.
jimmy I like very much the unfocused window title, its appearence and colors are perfect... The style in general is really delicate and elegant, I like it :)
qwilk Really nice NC! Btw, the style file says the font should be hooge 05_54, but your screenshot fonts look more like 05_53 (?)
NC-17 there are both... the 53 is for the menu.frame only everything else is 54. Thanks a lot Jimmy, cthu1hu, everyone =Q)
clovemagic Very lovely style.
snkmchnb beautiful work, NC-17!

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