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Voyage :: lyrae User lyrae
Wallpaper is at link 
Shell Nix Box
Style Voyage by lyrae
Wallpaper En_voyage 

Pitkon Beautiful, like all of ur styles...
Shawan That's a very nice style :)
jimmy Very elegant... I like also the dock on the right (beautifull icons)... Is torsmo that system monitor on the left? I've tried so much times to install gentoo... :(
skwire Love, that looks great. Very nice job.
crowmag "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men..." *heh heh* lol Man this is COOL! Love the style and love the wall!
Reverend ~laughs @ Crow~ The Shadow was my first thought on seeing this, too. ~chuckle~ Nice work, Lyrae!
Pitkon Nah, it's just ZZTop shooting Christine 2...
lyrae Thanks, everyone. Jimmy: that is conky not torsmo. If you want to try gentoo, I recommend the kororaa installer, you will be amazed at how simple it is.
jimmy Thanks lyrae, I had some problem with ati drivers... Now I can't install gentoo on my notebook, but, of course, I will follow your suggestion when I have the occasion :D
snkmchnb nicely done, lyrae
lyrae Thanks, snkmchnb
Fodas No Windows you son of a bitch!

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