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Firststyle :: Rain User Rain
Ill try this again...... 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style onestyle by Rain
Wallpaper Flower Child by Akirichan 

crowmag Looks reeeeal good Rain. Let me be the first to say welcomed aboard!
crowmag What? ...went to reach for the style file and... Also a link to the wall would be a nice gesture :)
Rain sorry the pics at [link] not sure hoe to upload the style without reposting
Rain sorry that didnt seem to work the pic is called Flower Child and its by can search for at deviant art....
Nightbreed A very energetic style.. good work Rain... and stop sayin sorry so much :P lol
Shawan hehe empty style emplacement and empty wall too that reminds me of someone... I'm not fan of fully solid styles but here the colours are so well chosen that I find this style very beautiful... :)
Rain lol sorry nightbreed, thanks shawan
crowmag Sorry (he he) for making you go to all the trouble, thanks :)
Pitkon I am not a fan of so0lid styles myself, but this looks good...
Nightbreed I like the setup personally, it's kinda got that Gnome feel to it.

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