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Double up :: Rain User Rain
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Blues by Rain
Wallpaper Double Up Variation 

Pitkon Excellent style, tho active and inactive windows seem to be the same; maybe u forgot to click on one of them? The wall is great, too. Who is it by?
rain ha! ya i did forget to click on one... not sure who the wall is by cant remember where i got it.
Pitkon It's by emptyglass on deviantArt... I already asked permission to use it, it's awesome...
jimmy Yes... That wall is great... ;) Nice style
Shawan Hyung-Tae Kim is a great artist, one of the best game graphic designer of the moment I think...Nice style by the way :)
Pitkon He is indeed, Aude...
Shawan Yes, when I see his magnacarta artworks I say to myself but why don't i have a ps2!?

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