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desk_home@20060217 :: aeon User aeon
Thanks to thewayofzen for his "hacked" multiamp. You rule, man =) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style mukouzune by thewayofzen 
Wallpaper The_last_man_on_earth__by_masanosbrutos.jpg 

qwilk Ehm...?
aeon @qwilk: Sorry, my mistake. I didn't see this version (bb6 -- with the seekbar next to controls) available for download so I presumed it was a "hacked" version since thewayofzen seems to be the only one using it here, in, lol... @thewayofzen: Your blackbox styles still rule :P
thewayofzen thanks for the compliment.. and yeah thats not a hacked anything.. thats 100 percent qwilks hard work.
thewayofzen aaah shit. i think i just totally fucked myself. that isnt the same as the version on the beta page. i am not having a good week.
qwilk LOL :D
qwilk how do you like the unofficial beta aeon? :)
aeon @qwilk: I like it very much... The detail of having the seekbar next to controls is really great. Thanks...
Malnilion Ah, now I see. I guess aeon's "beta testing" now, eh? :) Don't feel bad, zen, it could have happened to anyone. I myself could have potentially released an unofficial version of xoblite to someone before rethinking what exactly it was I was doing, lol. Plus, the impression of this plugin I'm getting is that its 100% stable and pretty much release-worthy, so...any time now, Karl. ;)

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