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halfBlue :: Ja2ger User Ja2ger
First style.Simple. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style halfBlue by Ja2ger (
Wallpaper PM-optimistic by pseudo-manitou 

Pitkon First style? By nc-17? Something is wrong here... :)
Lord E. Maybe he meant "first screenshot"? Heh... gotta admit it looks pretty good though.
David Czy mnie wzrok myli czy ktos z ojczystego kraju??
Ja2ger I mean thet it's MY first style for bb :) David: Nie, nie mylisz sie :)
Ja2ger I just had ots by nc-17 opened when I was changing colours in bbStyleMaker... and I didn't modify text in the file...
Lord E. I see... nc-17's screenshot using the ots style (here ) looks nothing like this style too.
Ja2ger So it means that it's my fault... i didn't know I should edit the begining of style's file... But it's my first style... sorry :)
Lord E. Don't worry.. you should probably edit the style and mail snkmchnb about it or something. I guess.
David poznalem po konnekcie :DD juz myslalem ze nikt z Polski tym sie nie zainteresuje :D to moje: link
stanna there is something in the forums about re-uploading and modifying style files for reuploading. maby check there
NC-17 Fixed it :)

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