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Blackbox Pro 2 :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
An updated blackbox pro style with text shadows in the menus of bblean :D 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Blackbox Pro 2 
Wallpaper Blackbox Pro #1 

Dragon12 I like it! It would work well with my current wall. Do you have the style file available?
jimmy Beautiful font... Is it lucida mac (edited by you) ?
qwilk Who did the hacking? :)
clovemagic Those menu font shadows are too sexy! Can you tell I'm excited?
Nightbreed Thanks all. Jimmy, the style is just the BlackboxPro that's in the forum, I just used a different wall and put the shadowed fonts in. Qwilk: that's nocd5's handy work on the shadowing. Clove.. I can always tell yer excited, cause you're always more active then usaul.. hehe..
Nightbreed opps I meant to say Dragon12 that where the style is :D Jimmy, these are new Vista font's mixed with the iconized fonts... I'm waiting for permissions to release them cause they belong to someone :D
Pitkon qwilk: link
Nightbreed oh yeah... lol... that would have helped if I posted the link... Sorry Qwilk, wasn't thinking,, Thanks Pete :D
qwilk Reply: link
Pitkon Yeah, I had read that, qwilk, and me for one fully agree...
Nightbreed I agree with it all as well. Anything that keeps a consistant compatabilty between various shells, I'm all for. The newer versions off bbi for example is making it easy to use that with xoblite. I can now have many bbi modules and avoid the multi-dll loading. So, it makes using xoblite easier for me ;D
freeb0rn what is up w/ that new gradient style?
freeb0rn (for clarification--botto
m bar. is that all images?)
Nightbreed the bottom bar is just a regular bbi bar set at %50 transparancy with another bbi bar underneath it with a gradient background
Nightbreed I do it that way, so I don't have to add images to all the buttons... just the frame bellow
Nightbreed I could post a gradient bar pack incase anyone wants to try it out...
qwilk Hmm, that is a really neat trick Gary. I've actually been thinking about whether it would be possible to introduce new gradient types, and the look of your bottom bar (i.e. "metallic" looking gradient) was one of the things I was considering. Any comments btw? xoblite already supports additional menu bullets, so...
Nightbreed Honestly? I've always wanted more gradient types.. atleast a 3 point gradient.. Color1 Color2 and Color3.. This would rid the need to use image anythings with any object... Window titles and menus would be great for this too... I always thought gdi only supported 2 point gradients though? I actually use this trick for the same way kde uses imaged backgrounds to blend with their original kicker color. :D I've worked with kde for almost a year straight so I pick up alot of habbits from that when doing blackbox design..

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