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Challenger :: snkmchnb User snkmchnb
this is probably the only style you'll see me do with a car in it. i figured it was a bout time i made one.. even though there is nothing really to it.. it's a nice basic style.

Dodge Challenger Wallpaper @ link 
Shell xoblite
Style Challenger by snkmchnb (
Wallpaper Dodge Challenger Wallpaper by sh4mr0ck 

Nightbreed There's something I would trade my girlfriend in for.. lmao... nice style Snk...
Reverend Not too fond of the new Charger. Not it's looks, at any rate. But this! The Challenger. Yummy. Looks so much like the original bodywork .. just .. slightly revamped. Me likes.
Dragon12 Ooo, the new Challenger. I have yet to see it. Looks pretty good. Style goes well with the wall.
skwire Smokin' hot car. /me wants one. Smokin' style, too, snack.

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