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intelmacOsx86 :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
Well, I told Qwilk that I would use Xoblite from now on and build my interface to work with it, so I did. Took abit of planning to get alternative plugins and control commands to do in xoblite what I did in bblean, but it all works rather well. 
Shell xoblite
Style intelmacOSX86 
Wallpaper intelmacOSX86 

cBass Wow, switched from bbLean? Sinner ;P If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Err... was it broke? (bbLean that is)
Nightbreed nah.. bblean isnt broke, but I want to create tcl and bbi scripts that are compatible with both xob and bblean.. so I'm trying work ot the in's and out's with it. I do wish I could just merge the best of xob with the best of bblean ... ;) hehe
zoidbergslo Nightbreed as always looks nice.
Dragon12 I have always wondered why Xoblite & BBlean were never merged together. Nice job on the theme.
Nightbreed Ziodberslo, Dragon12.. Thanks... Dragon: I believe it's not because both shells offer a different type of blackbox for different types of users.. Mostly Xoblite users tend to be more minimal than bblean one... well.. that is until I got my hands on it... hehehe.. besides... I looked at the code for both Xob and bblean.. and they look great seperate.. but it would look a mess if merged.. lol
XundoneX Hey, nice job although I was wondering where you found that filebrowser and multimedia plugins (it doesnt look like multiamp, which i have...) Thanks, and if you could email me, that would be amazing, I dont check here too often.
Nightbreed thanks XundoneX... what multimedia plugin? the whole bar is my own creation... the browser can be found found here link but everything is just tcl and bbinterface.. more info on those two at the link I provided :)
XundoneX Thanks, I'll look around for those plugins, probably part of bbinterface i guess, i was referring to the play/pause etc buttons. Thanks for the link, ill definately check out that site.
Nightbreed the whole thing is a bbinterface.. if you check any of my other styles you'll see most of the discription of these. But.. bbinterface has built in winamp control commands. But I use a tcl/tcom script to control winamp and itunes... hadn't really figured out how to explain the install yet so I hadn't released that... lol....
serVI I tried to use tcl4bb on xoblite and somethings wont work. I don`t know if I did something wrong or what. Did you not found any problem on using tcl4bb on Xoblite?
Nightbreed Hadn't had any problems with Xob and Tcl. Check the tcl4bb thread though, Tresni put up a new version. Whatever problems you're having you should post them, perhaps the bugs can be worked out while he's working on updating it.
Nightbreed There are some broams that Xoblite could use, but I'm keeping a track of those and letting Qwilk know.

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