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Elf :: jimmy User jimmy
:) The wall is somewhere in If you want it, but you can't find it (sorry, but I lost the exact address), email me ;)  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style elf by jimmy
Wallpaper The_Spoiled_Prince_by_SB_Gothic.jpg 

jimmy I found the wall... This is the LINK bye
xavier-dl It's rare to see a scantily-clad male in a screenie on this site. Rather refreshing. :)
frantic That wallpapers disturbs me on hideously many levels.
jimmy Uhmm... You're right, perhaps I would have had to choose a female elf... lol
shawan I love this menu, the transparency makes it look really beautiful :)
Nightbreed The whole theme is put together nicely Jimmy.. Colors are well chosen. Nevermind the background used and focus on the theme as a whole.
jimmy Thanks :D why don't you like this wall? I like it for the elf's wings (they gave me the idea for the menu), but the overall wall is not so bad IMHO... Is the semi-naked male elf the problem? Ok, in the next one there will be boobies.... Ops, sorry, boobs lol
Nightbreed who said I didn't like the wall? I think you misunderstood me
jimmy Sorry Nightbreed, it was referred to frantic... Thanks again for yo comment ;D
Nightbreed no problemo Jimmy.. any time

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