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ubuntu :: dgen User dgen
I just loved lyrae style...and used it for a ubuntu wannabe feeling :)
Most of it works just like ubuntu

atm working on some kind of gnome desk :) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style SimpleCream by lyrae 

blackbird realy nice ubuntu like styling...
lyrae glad to know that u love my style.... very nicely done.
butz Very nice indeed. Did you use bbInterface for top panel?
dgen thanks for the comments :) @butz yes i used bbinterface :)
MQ nice! I didn't even recognize *box in that screenshot, at first glance. Great job. I am sure there are people who would luke to use your setup. Could you make your configuration available for download somewhere?
MQ *luke = like --- Luke! May be the force be with you!
Wolfman MQ is right, that would be a really good idea, especially for beginners like me...:) I have no idea of what is necessary to make bbLean look like this...and it looks really great indeed.
MQ *luke = like --- Luke! May be the force be with you!
MultipleX Great work. Do you share this theme or your BBinterface's Configuratio for download? If you do, Can we have the Link pls?
KrisKiller Very nice ! I just discover blackbox and you style ! And i want to knowwhere can i find this style ?

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