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genome_cobalt :: doctorfrog User doctorfrog
say, is that another bland blue and gray theme from doctorfrog? why, yes, it is another bland blue and gray theme from doctorfrog! BACK TO WORK, YOU. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style genome_cobalt by doctorfrog
Wallpaper bsetroot-generated 

snkmchnb nice.. i like it. ohh, and i laughed when i saw "Deus Ex (the good one)"
thewayofzen blue and grey yes. bland .. HELL NO. This is classic.. easy on the eyes.. extremely useable.. and just plain good.
Nightbreed Really nice style.
doctorfrog thanks all :)
auto Super clean, nice work.
Malnilion Very nice style, my friend. Very easy on the eyes. Beautiful.

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