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pbnj :: Ldopa User Ldopa
still kinda new to this. this is my second time posting a screenshot 
Shell xoblite
Style pbnj by Ldopa
Wallpaper recycled wp 

schmots Wow, good job.. I really feel that style fits that wp.. even the font
hate13breeder I think this style is one of the most creative i've seen in a while. I can't see myself using it for a prolonged period of time however, because the font is somewhat straining. Other than that, the style is absolutely beautiful.
Malnilion Wow, this is a nifty style. It fits the wallpaper so well.
T. Eastrup Yearh but the only problem is that the wallpaper aint available on the link in deviantart shown above. Besides that it is a nifty style. Regards Eastrup
Liddo I like this lots.
Ldopa thanks alot guys i just forgot 1 number in tha link 4 tha wallpaper sorry here it is link
T. Eastrup Hi Ldopa. Thanx very much for providing the link to the wallpaper yuo use in the screenshot above. Now Im just wondering which font's yuo are using to create the same style as yuo are showing in the screenshot? Regards Eastrup
Ldopa the font is called Arctic i got it from most of them are crappy but there are a few gems heres a link

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